Areas of Practices

Our Law Office provides legal and consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Privatization Law and Practices (all proceedings and practices before tender, during tender process and after tender concerning privatization practices which are performed with the method of granting right of operation, block sales, asset sales and any other method)

  • Commercial Law ( Company Law- incorporation, merger and takeover of companies)

  • Foreign Investment Contracts ( including purchase of real property by foreigners)

  • Zoning Law and Building Law

  • Competition Law   

  • Legal Consultancy on Tourism Investments

  • Law of Contracts

  • Tort Law and Compensation Law

  • Property Law

  • Intellectual Property Rights ( Inc. Trademark, Patent and Copyright Law)

  • Media Law

  • Labor and Social Security Law

  • Execution and Bankruptcy Law

  • Criminal Law

  • Administrative Law - Tax Law

  • Law of Customs

  • Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

  • Cooperatives Law

  • International Arbitration Practices

  • European Court of Human Rights Practices

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Areas of Practices
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